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Natural photography – true memories


 I love natural, non-posed PJ style photography. It is the style I enjoy and it gives me the best results. If you happen to like it - then I believe we will enjoy your wedding photography. However, there may be few posed shots, most of them being group photos just after ceremony in church. So if you love non-posed PJ photography , then I will be happy to do my best telling your wedding story in an album.

I do:

  • shoot your wedding as it unfolds, emotions, events, and do not interfere with the natural course of your event.
  • let your videographer do his job.
  • NOT ask/require B&G or their guests to pose during the day.
  • upon B&G request, I DO a few posed shots of bride and groom and their guests.
  • have backup equipment.
  • make immediate backup on-the-fly of your wedding photos so they are not lost due to an unlikely card failure.
  • store a backup copy of your wedding photos at least 1 year after your wedding.
  • keep direct contact with bride and groom before and after their wedding.
  • discuss wedding day plans with bride and groom before their wedding.
  • give advise regarding photography.